EddyDesk supports multiple languages.

By default, the system supports three languages:

  1. English (EN)
  2. Russian (RU)
  3. Ukrainian (UA)

To connect an existing language or add a custom one, please open a "Language" menu. To enable the language, just enable the checkbox next to the desired language.


To add a custom language, you need to click on "Add language" button. After that, select the abbreviation of the language and download the file with the translation


You can change any element in the system by downloading the file, changing the desired element and uploading the file back).


Please note. If you change the language, the names of custom fields, types, priorities, statuses, and departments will not be displayed without making the specified language translation.


All information provided to users and the interface of the system depends on the selected language. When several languages are activated in the system, it is necessary to pay attention to the following things:

  • on the main page of the system it will be possible to select the language;


  • in the "Knowledge base" menu there is an opportunity to enter data in the activated languages;


  • in the user's personal profile it is possible to select the language in which the system will be displayed;


  • in the "Contacts" menu it is possible to specify the language when editing the user's card;


  • in the "Global settings" you can select the default language of the system;


  • in the "Notifications" menu you can create templates for each language in the system when editing a notification;


Please contact our support team if you have any questions.