Communication channel settings

To receive requests in the system, you need to connect their sources (channels). You can do this in "Setting up communication channels" menu.


Your user group must have a related access in "Group access rights" in order to work with those settings. 


You can also give permissions only for viewing the menu.

When connecting, you can select all the currently existing and working with the system sources of receiving requests. You will also need to set to which department the requests will be received. 


You can find more information about setting up each channel in separate articles of the Knowledge base, in the "Channels of receiving requests" category.

When you connected and configured the channel. You will need to check:


1. Accesses of agents to the Department to which the requests will be received.

You can set up accesses for a user group, in the "Group access rights" menu.


You can also set the access rights in the user's card itself.


2. By default, working with requests from social networks and messengers is performed through the "Omnichannel" module. When configuring it, new channels connected in the system should be added for displaying in subsection of the module: "Omnichannel settings".


Find more on how to work in the section in the following article.


3. To check the connection status, as well as in case of any problems, you can use the Error Log for each channel. After a channel is connected, it is displayed in the general list, where general information and options for viewing, logging, editing and deleting become available. 


The error log is also available when editing a channel. If an error occurs, the system reports it with a pop-up banner.


If you have errors when connecting or operating any source of incoming requests to the system, check the Error Log. If you are having trouble solving it, please contact our support - we'll be happy to help you!