WhatsApp integration (via СhatAPI)

Please pay attention that the integration via Chat API is an unofficial solution. Using this integration may violate WhatsApp policies and block your account.


To connect a WhatsApp channel to the EddyDesk, you need to:


  • Connect your WhatsApp account to the integration following the instructions:

You will be offered the following authorization options (connecting your WhatsApp account):

  1. Regular one should be chosen if the WhatsApp account was registered more than a month ago;
  2. If your WhatsApp account was registered less than a month ago, go ahead and choose Secure authorization to reduce the likelihood of blocking.


  • Then you need to authorize the server through WhatsApp Web:


  • After successful connection WhatsApp Web, the authorization status will be displayed as Authenticated. You can set the "Instance settings" and copy Your API URL and Token - the information required to connect the channel to the system:


To add a channel to the system, open "Management" -> "Setting up communication channels" menu and then press the "Add a channel" button. Select the WhatsApp ChatApi channel and the Department that will receive requests from this channel. Enter the channel name (optional), API URL and Token.



After clicking on the "Synchronize and save" button, a "Connection successfully established" notification will appear:



All messages that you receive in your WhatsApp account will be displayed in the system.

This also applies to group chats - i.e. if you are in a specific WhatsApp group, then the system will also display all messages that are written by users of this group.

If necessary, group chats can be disabled for the system, this can be done in the "Channel settings" block.


To work with requests from WhatsApp in the "Omnichannel" module, you must additionally enable the display of requests from the channel. This can be done in the "Omnichannel Settings":



Please note that this solution was implemented by third-party developers, we recommend that you contact the Chat API developers directly for payment and performance of this channel.