Department management

Departments are needed to separate the visibility of certain requests.

Agents can be in different departments and yet they will not have access to requests from other departments. Also agents can have access to several departments at the same time and the request can move through different departments in the process.


1. Creating a Department

2. Advanced settings:

  • SLA term;
  • default language and group;
  • email aliases;
  • one avatar for all agents;
  • department signature.
  • informing agents about new requests ;
  • assignees only agents of the department;
  • request view in Public department (end user);
  • disable personal signature in the department.


Please open "Management" -> "Departments" in order to create a new Department or edit old one:


Each department has the following settings:


  • Name EN - name of the department;
  • SLA term - the default SLA for new requests received by this department. You can set up automatic actions on expiration of the SLA in the "SLA settings" section. You can also set up the rules in Dispatcher;
  • Select default language and group, which will be automatically set for a new user of department. This means that the client who will write to the department, where the default language is English, will automatically be set to English in his user card as well as he will be sent template notifications only in English;
  • Email aliases must be specified separated by a comma. Thanks to this functionality, you can distinguish exactly to which alias mailbox the letter was sent.

Alias e-mail addresses are useful, additional e-mail addresses that are associated with your account and that you can use to send, reply to, or forward e-mail. A alias address is created in addition to the already registered main e-mail address and is managed together with it.

Let's look at an example of using mailbox aliases:

During the registration process, you select the main address, which cannot be changed, e.g. Now you want to register for a portal, a shop or a competition, but you do not want to enter your main e-mail address. Solution: Create an alias address and enter it instead of your main e-mail address.


  • One avatar for all agents that will be displayed in a client's mail if you use the tags Last 14 or 7 replies in a request;
  • The unified name of agents - this name will be displayed instead of the names of specific agents. For example, "Support Department" can be listed as a unified name;
  • Department Signature - the signature will be displayed when using the corresponding tag in the "Notifications" section or using the Dispatcher;
  • Informing agents about new requests - responsible for sending notifications to agents' mailboxes when a new request is received. "Notifications for department agents about new requests" must also be enabled in the "Notifications" section;
  • Assignees only agents of the department - means that agents without access to the department will not be able to become an assignee in the request;
  • If you set the setting under "Request view in Public department (end user)" - the agent who views the request in a public department will have limited abilities to work with it - only the ability to reply and change fields will remain.

Public Departments are also used for dividing the access of employees to requests that are in them. You can set a public department for each individual group in the "Group access rights" section.

  • Disable personal signature in the department. By default, a signature, which each system user can set in the personal settings, is added by default after each reply. This setting disables the signature in Department requests.