Creating a request

To create a new request or send an email to a client, click "Create request" button. By default, end user is specified in the appropriate field. In case the customer is not yet in the system, use "Add an end user" button and create a new one:

Then you can enter the subject of the request, content, attach files and set the SLA. You can also specify parameters related to the request.

There are two options of request's creation:

  • "First reply on behalf of a customer" as they contacted you and you create a request at their request. This option is used by default. In this case the request will look as if the customer themselves initiated the correspondence. A notification message "Request creation on behalf of the customer" will be sent.

  • If this options disabled, the request will be initiated on behalf of the agent. In this case "Request creation" notification email will be sent.

Let's try to create a request on behalf of John Doe and fill in the subject of the request and its content. Press the "Create a request" button. As we can see, a request is created as if John Doe had addressed to system themselves:


Now let's try the second option. 

Enter all necessary information, uncheck the "first reply on behalf of a customer" checkbox and create a request. As a result, the request will be linked to John Doe, but the first reply (initial request) is created from the agent.


When creating a request in the system or adding a reply to the request, you can use the templates created earlier in the "Knowledge base" menu.

To do this, just click on the  icon and you can choose a template by putting the mouse cursor over it: