Global settings

The "Global Settings" section allows you to set some general system settings.


  1. System
  2. Appearance
  3. Registration fields
  4. Outgoing mail
  5. Site form
  6. Custom domain




  • Company Name. The name of your company in the system, which will also be duplicated in the browser tab:



  • Time Zone. Global time zone, which will be set for all new contacts in the system by default;
  • Disable registration. Disables the registration form on the start page of the system;
  • API key. Available only to the main administrator (creator) of the system. Other users' keys can be found in the contact's card or received via API.
  • Start page. This option allows you to specify which elements and settings will be available on the start page. Among them:
    • Authorization only;
    • Authorization and public knowledge base;
    • Public knowledge base only.
  • Chat on public pages. Allows you to display a chat widget on public pages of the system (start page + knowledge base) for unauthorized users.
  • Domain for automatic mail generation. If the domain is specified, mail will be automatically generated when creating a new user in the system. If you use @auto.hde domain, mails will not be sent to such addresses.





This section allows you to change system appearance by editing css code, as well as changing logo, icons, and footer text. Read more about this section, as well as examples of how to use it, in the article "Appearance customization".


Registration fields


In this tab you can enable/disable some additional fields when registering a user on the start page. If you want to disable the registration field, you should uncheck it.


Outgoing mail


The outgoing mail in the global settings is responsible for sending mails from the system. If there is no mailbox connected in the outgoing mail settings of the department, or there are problems with the mailbox/settings, the system will try to send mail through the mailbox specified in the global settings.


Also the outgoing mail in this tab is responsible for sending notifications of user registration, automatic user registration and password reset. Accordingly, if the outgoing mail is not configured or configured incorrectly in the global settings, users who have forgotten or lost their passwords will not be able to reset them by pressing the password recovery button, as the letter is sent from this very box.

Therefore it is strongly recommended to adjust e-mail in the global settings.


Site form


EddyDesk provides a form template to place on your site. You can edit the template as you see fit, delete unnecessary fields (except for the mandatory ones: name, email, title and description), as well as add your own parameters and send them via API


Custom domain


In the "Own domain" tab you will be able to connect your own domain name. You can learn more about this process in the article "Using your own domain".