Blocking requests

It is a pretty common situation when the request is already closed, but the client has a question after a while (a week, a month, a year), and they don't hesitate to write it in the same request. If the client replies to a closed request, it will be automatically reopened. Thus, communication with the customer turns into a long correspondence about various issues, in which it is difficult to quickly find the necessary information.


But how can the system be configured in such a way, that a new request is automatically created in case of email replying to a closed request? For such cases EddyDesk offers several solutions:


1. You can use the "Lock" button in the request itself - thus, a new request will be created when a reply is received from the email:


To use this function, enable it in the "Group access rights" menu in the "Requests" tab:


2. You can set up automatic locking of all requests after they are closed after a set time. You can do this in the "Request settings" menu: