Freezing requests

Freezing of requests is used in cases when you know that you will not start processing the request soon and you need to postpone the ticket till a certain date (or till the user replies to it) or in cases when you are waiting for additional information on the request from a client and the request should not distract you until new information is received

Frozen requests are not displayed in the general list, but you can find them in the corresponding filter "Frozen":


To freeze a request, open it and click on the appropriate button:



To the left of the button before freezing you can specify a date and time when the request should be unfrozen: in this case the request will be unfrozen either at the specified time or when a new response will be added to it. 

If you do not specify a date, the request will be frozen until the next response.


All actions on freezing and unfreezing the request are recorded in the audit, where you can track which employee froze the request, till what time period, and by whom and when it was unfrozen: