The sub-requests functionality helps with those situations when a client writes different questions within one request (application), and these questions need to be distributed. For example, it is necessary to transfer one of the questions to colleagues from another department, but at the same time not to lose connection with the original request.

You can create a sub-request from any answer within the request by pressing the following button:



The system will then automatically redirect to the create (sub)request page, where the user's question content will be duplicated, but you will be able to edit the content of any field at your discretion and submit the request to the correct department:



Depending on the channel in which the original request was created, several options for further communication with the customer are possible:

1) Receive information about the status of the request from department colleagues, and then inform the client about it in the main request.

2) To specify the client's e-mail in the sub-request, and then the client will receive an appropriate notification about the progress of the request to his mailbox.


The created sub-request has a different source icon, and on the left side of the panel you can switch to the main request at any time, as well as unlink it:




A sub-request in the general list always appears below the main request, even if it's already done and the main request hasn't yet:



he Dispatcher also may work with requests. For example, to check whether the request is parent or not, and send a notification (internal note) to each other if one of them changes, a reply is received, etc. If you need help with a rule, feel free to contact our support team.