Management usually needs to know how much time an agent spent on a request.


EddyDesk allows to record the time spent on requests (billing function).

Also it is possible to generate reports based on these data. To do this, you need to choose "Billing report" in the "Reporting" module and then request the report:


There are two options of billing by the minute:


1. An agent can specify the amount of time they spend and the amount of paid time by pressing the "Billing" button in the request:


2. You can use a plugin to automatically record the time spent in billing. It will help to record the time of actions in a request, changes of statuses, types, etc. It will also record the time spent for the reply.


For example, if an agent is writing a reply, the time of writing is counted. If an agent is distracted for 10-15 minutes and then continues to write, then only the time that was spent for writing will be counted, but not the time that they were distracted.


To enable the plugin, go to "Marketplace/Plugins" and then in the tab "Marketplace" install the "Autobilling" plugin.

This will open the plugin editing window. To work correctly, you must set up accesses by Department and user group, as well as activate the plugin.

Pay attention: no other settings apply to this plugin!


After adjusting the settings, check its work in the request. After adding a reply or making other action, an automatic record will appear, which you can check through the "Billing" button on the work panel of the request.