Audit report

Thanks to the audit report, you can evaluate the productivity of your support staff.

For example, one of the objective evaluation parameters is the number of responses sent by employees, because ideally a request should be solved in one response, without stretching the correspondence over a large amount of time. In order to get specific numbers (and, of course, a graph), you need to use the audit report.

For each sample, you will be able to analyze exactly what action an employee took, to sort, to see a clear time and number of actions on requests. Not a single step of an employee will be left out of your attention.


You can also filter the search by specific parameters. For example, you can find out which employee most often added the answer to requests (and which one), closed or created requests, used macros, sent letters, merged requests and many other actions.


After forming a report by the specified criteria, the information on the number of requests can be sorted in an order convenient for you, filter the requests by the necessary action/user/group, hide unnecessary parameters, print the data or export them to excel or csv. Thus you can get absolutely any information on the actions of employees in the context of the specified data. This report allows you to identify the strongest and the least effective employees, as well as to work with them and make your support service even better.


Read more about how the report works in this video: