Ratings by agents/requests

EddyDesk has functionality for measuring customer satisfaction with the quality of support service. To analyze the opinions left by customers, the analytics module uses two tools: evaluations by employees and by requests.


Each report includes a chart showing the number of positive and negative feedback for a selected period of time, as well as a table with more detailed information broken down by support specialists and requests, depending on the selected tool.


Ratings by agents


This report shows the level of customer satisfaction broken down by employees: the amount of positive and negative feedback and the satisfaction rate. It is also possible to go to the requests of an employee to see, for example, a list of tickets where he/she received negative ratings and see the reason for this feedback (user comments), and further work with the customer to solve his/her issue and improve the quality and evaluation of the services provided.




Rating by requests


Similar to the "Assessments by users" report, this report shows the list of requests for a selected period, in which were left any positive or negative rate. Also the following parameters will be available: Rating Date, Client, Source, Department, the Rating itself + Comments to it.