Tags are used as keywords, terms-references that allow you to substitute the corresponding tag information in the system. This type of metadata allows you to create different kinds of templates for replies and reporting. Tags are used in the following sections of the system:

  • Dispatcher:

  • Notifications:

  • Omnichannel Buttons:

  • Macros:

  • Printout:

  • Knowledge Base:

  • Omnichannel:


Omni also uses its own internal tags when creating templates - keywords that help agents invoke templates when sending a reply. In the example above, such a word is "hello". To call a template just start writing the keyword (tag) after the slash /hello


  • Requests:

In some of the above sections it is possible to use the tag window, in others it is enough to specify them correctly. For example, when adding a reply or a link in the Omnichannel Buttons section, don't forget about the curly brackets. Tags are added by the system automatically when you connect and create system elements, such as Omnichannel Button Groups, various custom fields for requests and contacts. Thanks to this, there are many different uses for tags.