Marketplace (plugins)

The "Marketplace/Plugins" menu gives you the opportunity to use plugins from Marketplace and other self-created, custom ones for various tasks aimed at improving and adding the necessary functionality when working with the system.


The section is available in the module "Management". For displaying the section for users, you should set up the access for the selected group of users (employees) in the "Groups, access rights" section:



"Plug-ins" subsection shows all installed plug-ins in the system, allows disabling, changing or deleting a plug-in.



After installing a plug-in, you should proceed to editing it and configuring it according to the instructions.


The Marketplace subsection contains all working and current versions of plug-ins developed by our partners and by us.


Each plugin includes: a brief description of the task it solves, information about the author and cost, a link to the manual and an e-mail address to contact the author. The "Install" button allows you to download the plugin into your system. When the plugin is updated, you can also update it using the button in the "Marketplace" subsection.