Macros allow you to automate the work of the support service and significantly reduce the time for performing template actions. For example, there are requests that regularly need to change the department, assign the assignee, change the priority and set a certain SLA. Instead of a series of actions, you can perform them in a single click using a pre-defined macro. 

The system has Global macros (with the ability to create macros for all users) and Personal macros (creation and use only by the current user).  Personal macros are available for each user and are not visible to anyone except him.


To use the "Global macros", please open "Group access rights" menu and provide the access to a necessary group of agents.


To create a global macro, open "Global macros" menu and select "Add global macro".


When you create a global macro, the system will offer to set accesses to the macro to be created, which includes two items, each of them is important:

  • by user group: macro will be available only to the specified user groups in the system;
  • by department: macro will be available if the user has at least one access to the specified Departments. (access in a group or in a user card

To create a personal macro, click on the icon of your user (in the lower left corner of the system), go to "Macros" menu and select "Add macro". 

 The next step is to enter the set of actions that the macro will perform. By default, all macros available to the user are placed in the corresponding list: 


In request audit, all macro actions will be displayed on behalf of the user who applied the macro.