Customer satisfaction rating

EddyDesk allows you to send a satisfaction request to the client after the solution of his issue. Depending on the client's feedback, you can make an analysis in the "Reporting" module. For example, create a report by agents (the number of positive and negative feedbacks, as well as the satisfaction rate) and get a list of requests with evaluations.

There are several options for creating an evaluation request and their features in the system:

  • Automatically sending a satisfaction request after a certain number of hours as the request has been closed;
  • Sending a satisfaction request from a request interface;
  • Sending satisfaction request using the Dispatcher:
    • Classic satisfaction request;
    • Sending using buttons.

When you receive a request by email, you can set a satisfaction request to be sent automatically with a time stamp. When closing the request (or after a specified time) the client receives an email with an opportunity to leave a feedback (positive or negative) and his comment. You can change the email template in the "Notifications" menu:


To activate the feature, please open "Request settings" menu, enable "Customer satisfaction rating" and set the time in hours in front of the "Automatically send a request to rate" setting:

By enabling "Restrict changing a feedback on a public page" setting you thereby prevent the possibility to change the rate already issued by clicking on the link. To change it, user will need to log in to the system and change the feedback.  

Agent can see the client's feedback in the request interface, but can't change it in any way. If necessary, he can also send an email to the client with a request to re-evaluate the request. For example, he has processed the request once more and the client should be satisfied now.


Please note that in order to send notification emails from the "Notifications" section or the ones created using the rules in the Dispatcher, the system user must have the permission to receive notifications enabled in the "Contacts" section. The setting can be changed in the general list of users in the "Status, Notifications" column or when editing the user card:



Creating a satisfaction request to a client using the rules of the Dispatcher.

Depending on the request's source, the satisfaction request can be created in two ways:

  • Creating rules for sending a satisfaction request and automatically responding to the customer's feedback. This option is universal for different types of request sources, because the user will have to follow the link in order to leave a feedback.
  • But for requests from messengers, it will be preferable and convenient to use buttons. If a request was received from Telegram, Viber, Facebook, you can create a bot from several rules that will send a message with buttons to the client after the request is closed and also add the appropriate response when the client clicks on one of them.

Buttons can be used not only to send a satisfaction request but also to create various other automations.