Toolbar for working with articles

There is a certain set of tools in the system, which can help you tot edit the content of the article.



1. Select text

2. Inserting/Deleting a list

3. Quoting text

4. Indenting

5. Inserting/editing a link

6. Inserting/editing an anchor

7. Snippet

8. Inserting/editing an image

9. Table

10. Inserting a horizontal line

11. Inserting a special symbol

12. Inserting YouTube video

13. View page in HTML mode

14. Editing mode


1. Text selection

  •   Bold text selection
  •   Highlight text in italics
  •   Underline text
  •   Underline text


  • Change text color

  • Change text background color

  •    Remove any formatting

2. Insert/Remove list

A numbered list (

A bulleted list (•)


3. Quoting text

"To be or not to be, that is the question." 


4. Indenting (available if you have any indenting already set in the text)

  Decrease indent;

Increase indent.


5. Inserting/editing a link

To insert a link, select the necessary text, click on the icon and add a link.


Clicking on this text opens the link.

To remove an existing link in the text, select the desired text and click on the "Remove link"  icon. 


6. Anchor inserting/editing

Anchor is a bookmark with a unique name on a certain place of a page, intended to create a link to it. Anchors are useful in large documents so you can quickly jump to a section.

To create an anchor, you must first make a bookmark in the appropriate place and give it a name, you can do this by selecting the desired text and clicking on the anchor icon.


Once an anchor is created, it will be highlighted in blue and have a red flag icon. 

Please notice, anchor names can only contain Latin letters and numbers and they cannot be numbers alone.


If you want to set an anchor, you must now set up a link, which will jump to the given anchor. How to set a link see point 5, the only difference, the link must be set to an anchor in the text:


After saving, you can navigate to the anchor through the link set earlier.


7. Snippet

Snippet is responsible for the insertion of a fragment of the initial text or the code of the program. When inserting a snippet you can choose a specific language of the inserted code. Snippet will have a black frame with the corresponding code content.

This module is in development mode.


8. Insert/edit image

This tool allows to insert an image by link, edit its location on the page, height, width, etc. The same way you can insert and edit images in articles from the buffer, but you should take into account their public availability for viewing.


9. Table

Inserting and editing tables, with the ability to set the width and height of the cells, the number of rows and columns, as well as indentation and alignment, etc.


10. Insert horizontal line.

Allows you to divide the text with a horizontal line:


11. Inserting a special symbol

Use this icon to insert a special symbol into an article.


12. Inserting YouTube video

With this module you can add a video from YouTube, as well as edit it to your liking:


13. View page in HTML mode

Ability to make edits to the content of the article using HTML tags.


14. Editing mode

The ability to view and edit an article in the full window.